The Accra Muslim Community, represented by Marhaba Media Ltd operators of Marhaba FM, Afro Arab Company and Mr. Bassam El-Hussain of Ultimate Supply took a generous step to aid flood victims in the Volta region, specifically in Mepe and surrounding areas.
This initiative, led by Marhaba FM, was made possible through the collaboration of respected individuals, Ambassador Abdul Salam Amadu and Alhaji Papa Angola, who are known for advocating for community welfare.

Severe flooding caused by dam spillage had displaced numerous families and resulted in the destruction of homes and livelihoods in Mepe and nearby areas. In response, Marhaba FM, along with their partners, appealed to their listeners and the wider community to contribute to provide much-needed relief to those affected.

The community’s response was overwhelming, with generous contributions pouring in, enabling Marhaba FM to acquire a significant amount of relief supplies, including items like rice, water, spaghetti, soap, and more, aimed at sustaining those impacted by the floods.

The donations were presented to the authorities and representatives of the affected areas, who expressed their gratitude for the support, recognizing the substantial help it would provide during these challenging times.

During the donation handover ceremony, Alhaji Baba Sheriff Abdulai, CEO of Marhaba FM, emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration during crises, stressing the significant impact of collective efforts in providing relief.

Ambassador Abdul Salem Amidu and Alhaji Papa Angola echoed similar sentiments, underlining the crucial role of media organizations like Marhaba FM in fostering community support and positive change. They encouraged other media outlets to engage with their audiences and address pressing societal issues.

Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Member of Parliament for North Tongu in the Volta Region, expressed his appreciation for the support and called for more assistance from benevolent organizations and individuals to address the humanitarian crisis caused by the floods.

The donation by Marhaba Media Ltd and the Muslim community exemplifies the power of unity and compassion in times of adversity, reflecting the Ghanaian people’s commitment to supporting each other irrespective of religion and political differences.

As the recovery and reconstruction efforts commence in Mepe and the surrounding areas, it is expected that the combined contributions of the community, businesses, and media entities will persistently contribute to restoring a sense of normalcy and providing comfort to those who have been impacted by the floods.


Don Allah shigar da sharhinku!
Don Allah shigar da sunanka a nan