Gida Entertainment Media General CEO urges workers to be innovative

Media General CEO urges workers to be innovative

Beatrice Agyemang — Group CEO, Media General
Beatrice Agyemang — Group CEO, Media General

The Chief Executive Officer of the Media General Group, Ms Beatrice Agyemang, has urged workers around the world to get creative and innovative in what has now become a fast-changing business world. 

One of the most respected business and corporate leaders in Ghana, Ms Agyemang made the call on the occasion of this year’s May Day celebrations.

She highlighted the need for workers to get dynamic and find new ways of doing things now, especially after the key lessons learnt from the new normal the world is witnessing and the devastating impact of the global coronavirus.

“Without a doubt, the global coronavirus has brought various dynamics to doing things now. The question is: What does one need to do to survive the pandemic and keep one’s business going?

“In every emergency, there are always people who will not stop at only being compassionate to help others but will use their creativity to assist those around them to survive and also get their businesses to thrive.

“And we experienced this with the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world. Some businesses had to reorganise to start producing sanitiser, personal protective equipment, medical equipment, and that is very commendable”, she stated.

Ms Agyemang also emphasised the need for workers to focus on their work and not unnecessarily get fixated with titles.  She considers a strong work ethic as very important for people hoping to achieve success in their careers and also embrace principles that guide their work behaviour to produce high-quality work consistently.

“I have observed over the years that most people sometimes do not focus on delivering on their job and getting the needed results. Rather, they spend all their time to concentrate on themselves and working on their personalities, making no time to get the work done. In reality, when you do a great job, it does reflect on your personality and the impact is there to speak volumes,” she stated. 

Beatrice Agyemang started out as a broadcast journalist and news anchor before becoming the Managing News Editor, and later the General Manager of Media General TV. She was promoted to the Chief Operating Officer position and in September 2018, she was appointed the Group CEO.


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