Gida Education WAEC Result 2021: 61,778 students fail Ghana WASSCE examinations

WAEC Result 2021: 61,778 students fail Ghana WASSCE examinations


West African Examination Council (WAEC) release de results for de 2021 examinations for Ghana.

De examination authority make am possible for candidates to check dia provisional results online.

Over 400,000 candidates dey expect results with hopes say dem fit make an to tertiary.

How 2021 WAEC candidates perform

A total of 446,352 candidates sit for de 2021 WAEC exams, out of dis number, 224,913 representing 50.4% be women wey 221,439 be male candidates, representing 49.6%.

De students dey come from 965 schools wey enter de examinations.

According to WAEC, dis be 18.8% higher than de 2020 total number of candidates wey sit for de exam.

Results Breakdown

English Language: A1 to C6 – 238,819 (54.08 per cent)

E8- 39,760 (9.00 per cent)

D7- 50,255 (11.38 per cent)

F9- 61,778 (13.99 per cent)

Mathematics (core): A1 to C6- 238,539 (54.11 per cent)

E8- 45,526 (10.33 per cent)

D7- 39,547 (8.97per cent)

F9- 88,631 (20.11 per cent)

Integrated Science: A1 to C6- 289,329 (65.70 per cent)

E8- 41,686 (9.47 per cent)

D7- 66,178 (15.03 per cent)

F9- 20,599 (4.68 per cent)

Social Studies: A1 to C6- 290,545 (66.03 per cent)

E8- 33,671 (7.65 per cent)

D7- 41,506 (9.43 per cent)

F9- 64,184 (14.59 per cent)

Cancelled Results

De examination council say dem cancel 1,339 subjects den 174 entire results sake of various examination malpractices.

Dis dey include tins like bringing foreign material like mobile phones to exams hall, people wey tear part of question papers den stuff.

Overall, dem withhold de results of some 3.667 candidates pending investigations into malpractices dem detect during den after de examinations.

Dis be how to check WAEC results

Enter your Index Number.

Select de Type of Examination (e.g. WASSCE).

Select your Examination Year eg. 2003.

Enter de Serial Number on de Voucher.

Enter de 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Voucher eg. 012345678912.

Confirm your Index Number den Examination Year. Dis go ensure say your examination information be correct.

Click on Submit den wait for de display in de popup window.

Wetin be WAEC?

Di West African Examination Council, na international exam for Senior secondary school student wey dey happun every year and at di same time across five kontris wey be member of di Council.

Di kontris wia dem dey write WAEC na, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and dem dey use di same International Timetable.

Na for 1952 dem establish am.

According to information on top dia website, di vision of di West African Examinations Council na to be a world-class examining body wey dey add value to di educational goals of im stakeholders.

WAEC na West Africa ogbonge examining board wey dey established by law to set di exams wey dey required in di public interest for di English-speaking West African countries, to conduct di examinations and to award certificates wey dey comparable to dat of equivalent examining authorities internationally.

According to dia mandate, di council dey expected to assist in di development of sound education.



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