The United Foundation for Global Development (UFGD), an American-based humanitarian not-for-profit
organization, supports 9 Ghanaians through one of its organs in Ghana, the Association of Youth and
Young Adults Development (AYYAD).
An Empowerment Durbar was organized by the Association of Youth and Young Adults Development
(AYYAD) in Nima, where 9 people received over $2, 000.00. Five (5) of the nine (9) people were from
Accra, with three (3) coming from Central Region and one (1) person coming from Eastern Region. Four
(4) people received Industrial machines worth $1,200.00 while 5 people got Entrepreneurial
Development Support (EDS) worth $1,000.00. Additional support of over $200.00 was given to a young
adult to help him defray some of his medical bills.
Speaking at the AYYAD National Empowerment Durbar, Sheikh Ayub Haroun, the CaCalifornianased
Federal Government Chaplain who doubled Californianunder of AYYAD and UFGD gave a chronology of
the AYYAD journey so far. He informed the gathering that what necessitated the creation of AYYAD some
6 years ago was the idleness and alarming rate of youth unemployment in Ghana. The coming of AYYAD
according to Sheikh Ayub Haroun has helped to reduce unemployment in the Zongo Communities of
Ghana. Hundreds of Zongo youth and young adults have benefitted from the AYYAD Startup Capital Fund
(SCF). He also highlighted the benefits students from poor family backgrounds received from AYYAD to
help them pursue their education. In terms of infrastructural development, he mentioned that UFGD is
currently extending the Maternity Ward at Nima Polyclinic and building a mosque for the benefits of the
community around the hospital. He mentioned that, in Chwento, a small Community in Eastern Region,
UFGD is building a Community Hospital that will have over 3000 people. UFGD has also constructed 5
boreholes in Chwento and it’s constructing another 5 boreholes in the same community. In his closing
statement, he mentioned that, UFGD has 100s of projects goings on in the 16 Regions of Ghana
The AYYAD Empowerment Durbar (AED) is the 3rd of its kind. Previously, one (1) was organized in Accra
and another was organized in the Central Region of Ghana. It’s part of AYYAD’s empower the young
people of Ghana with the help of its mother organization, the United Foundation for Global
Development (UDGD).
Honorable Baba Ali Yussif, the Constituency Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party in Ayawaso East
who served as the Key Note speaker loud the AYYAD interventions in Ghana. He called on other local and
international NGOs to emulate the good works of AYYAD and help government to do more in terms of
complimenting government efforts.


Don Allah shigar da sharhinku!
Don Allah shigar da sunanka a nan