Gida Health How MUSAH Alhassan miraculously survive a mob attack

How MUSAH Alhassan miraculously survive a mob attack


Musah Alhassan suspected Muslim gay man nearly meet his untimely death after a mob attack him and his partner in Accra, Ghana.  According to information gathered by our news team, last week “26th Of April 2023” a mob attacked Musah Alhassan and his partner after tracking them for suspicious of practicing LGBTQ+.

It is no secret that the Ghanaian people does not support or entertain such act, hence anytime they suspect you of such behavior, they will attack you which might lead to death or disability, they described LGBTQ+ activist as evil and indecent people.

This is the holy Quran stands on the issue: The Quran mentions sex between men several times, almost all of them in the context of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which some city inhabitants demand sexual access to the messengers sent by God to the prophet Lot (or Lut). The Quranic story is almost the same as the version in the Bible. Later explanations of the Quran agreed that the “abomination” alluded to by the Quranic passages was attempted sodomy (specifically anal intercourse) between men. The sins of the people of Lut later became proverbial and the Arabic words for the act of anal sex between men such as “liwat” and for a person who performs such acts “Luti”; both derive from the name Lut, although Lut was not the one demanding sex.

The Constitution of Ghana: Section 104 (b) of the Ghanaian Criminal Code of 1960, criminalizes “unnatural carnal knowledge”, as a misdemeanor. Section 104 defines “unnatural carnal knowledge” as “sexual intercourse with a person in an unnatural manner or with an animal”. Due to the definition contained in Section 99 of the code, which stipulates “penetration”, an “unnatural manner” is taken to refer to sex acts between men–not between women–and oral and anal sex between people of different sexes. Misdemeanors carry a penalty of up to three years imprisonment under Article 296 of the Criminal Procedural Code.

The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and its traditional interpretations in Judaism and Christianity have historically affirmed and endorsed a patriarchal and heteronormative approach towards human sexuality, favoring exclusively penetrative vaginal intercourse between men and women within the boundaries of marriage over all other forms of human sexual activity, including autoeroticism, masturbation, oral sex, non-penetrative and non-heterosexual sexual intercourse, believing and teaching that such behaviors are forbidden because they are considered to be sinful, and further compared to or derived from the behavior of the alleged residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Africa traditional believers does not favor the act in no equal terms hence it is very hard for anyone to safely practice LGBTQ+ in Africa which Ghana is no exception, there is a bill in parliament of Ghana to criminalize the act.

Base on above unsupportive law and conditions for LGBTQ+ people, the mob attacked Musah Alhassan and his partner. An eye witness said the mob were holding sticks, cutlass and all weapons just to kill the victims However, the old men savaged the situation. The two old men begged the mob to release the victims to them; some of the mobsters disagreed but eventually handed over the victims to them. The men took them to a house, treated their wounds and saw them off.

Our team of reporters quest to get further information on the rumors in town, visited the house of Musah in Accra New town, a relative (name withheld) who spoke with us said, after the attack, they have not heard from him or knows his where about. But the family are living in fear as the community has turned their anger on them, verbally abusing them for allowing Musah Alhassan to be practicing what they called “evil act” in a predominately a Muslim community. They cannot tell what exactly has happened to him. The youth are still looking for Musah Alhassan and his partner for their execution.

Report by Attah Musah/ marhaba fm, Accra



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