This Thursday, in Jeddah, at Alfaisal University, the College of Engineering revealed its first solar and electric car, a happy event for all of Saudi Arabia. 

This new fully electric and sustainable car has been produced, after several years of research and work, by the team led by Habib Farooq and in partnership with Boeing. SEE ALSOLebanon launches its first electric car

In his press release, Professor Mohammed bin Ali Al-Hayaza, President of Alfaisal University proudly announces its launch.  “Students from the university’s College of Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial and Technical Engineering have been working on this project for several years” he said. “The university has created the right environment and partnerships to carry out this work” he continues. 

Various actors have been involved in building the car of tomorrow. For Ahmed Oteafy, the project’s assistant supervisor in the College of Engineering, “the materials were carefully selected and the students worked on the mechanical, electrical and technical devices themselves to achieve the desired goal of making this car“. 

The car can travel up to 2,500 kilometers on a single charge, at a speed of more than 80 kilometers per hour, and has already been entered in numerous international competitions. And soon, it will participate in the Comrades Ultra Marathon 2022 in Africa.