The Coalition of Private Transport Operators will on December 6 embark on a sit-down strike as part of measures to compel government to reduce fuel prices.

The group says the government has refused to heed their concerns after three consecutive meetings.

According to the leadership of the coalition, the decision holds until the government is ready to reach a consensus with them.

Abass Imoro, a representative of the coalition of private transport operators, said “apart from coming out with the deduction we are asking from which we know is possible, there is nothing to change our mind.”

“Anything less than reducing fuel by around GH¢1.5 or at least GH¢1.2, we won’t rescind this decision,” he added in a Citi News interview.

Some commercial drivers in the country on November 23, 2021, put on red armbands as a precursor to their strike.

Drivers have also suggested that they could increase their fares if nothing is done about the situation.

The price of fuel in the country has increased significantly over the past six months, with many drivers lamenting about the situation.

Currently, most oil marketing companies in Ghana sell fuel between GH¢6.60 per litre and GH¢6.90 per litre.

Fuel prices in 2021 started at about GH¢5 per litre and are now threatening to cross the GH¢ 7 mark.

There are seven taxes on fuel which amount to GH¢1.9.


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