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There is no conflict between the Gbi Traditional Area and the Zongo community, Togbe Keh XII, Divisional Chief of Gbi Wegbe, in the Hohoe Municipality, has said.

Togbe Keh XII

“Gbi is peaceful,” Togbe Keh said, adding, “between the Zongos and the Gbis, we are all going about our normal duties amicably in a very serene atmosphere.”

Togbe Keh, who read a joint press release in Hohoe, on Thursday said, “it has come to the attention of the Gbi State, a false WhatsApp audio circulating on social media.”

He said the audio purported to suggest that the Gbis and the Zongo community had a score to settle with the possible eruption of violence at the upcoming burial rites of the late Togbega Gabusu VI, Paramount Chief of the area.

Togbe Keh said a misunderstanding between the Gbi State and the Zongo community in Hohoe in 2012, “had been amicably resolved paving way for the Gbis and the Zongo community to live together peacefully ever since.”

Togbe Keh said the chiefs, elders and citizens of Gbi and the leadership of the Zongos with their subjects in Hohoe, “unequivocally disassociate ourselves from this audio and condemned its content in totality.”

He said they found the audio as false, mischievous, irritating, destructive and orchestrated to mar the cordial relationship between the two groups.

“We equally see this as a well-calculated attempt to disrupt the otherwise peaceful burial rites of Togbega Gabusu and to tarnish the reputation of the State and its allies.

Togbe Keh entreated the public to ignore the said audio and treat it with contempt.

He said the originator of the audio was being pursued.

Togbe Keh added: “We want to assure all and sundry that the peace in Hohoe is unquestionable and would be sustained during and after burial rites of Togbega Gabusu.”

The joint signatories to the release were Togbe Worde IV, Divisional Chief of Gbi-Kpeme; Togbe Keh XII, Divisional Chief of Gbi Wegbe; Mr Ridwanu Meriga, Representative of the Mengua; and Mr Seidu Idris, Leader of the Ani Tribe of the Zongo community.

Mr Meriga said the circulation of the tape was reported to the National Intelligence Bureau and the Police.



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