Gariba, tipped as the most promising Hausa rapper has been bought out of his contract from Hammer’s Image Vault Africa ( The Last Two Music Group ) by “Timeless Records Inc.”

The deal was agreed upon by the two parties on July 20, 2015 at The Last Two Studios near the West Hill Mall in Weija.

Speaking to the owner of the newly formed ‘Timeless Records Inc’, he disclosed that, “People haven’t really realized that tapping into Hammer’s arsenal of artistes is the best move an Executive can make. Hammer is a magnet who attracts extremely talented artiste to his corner, his day to day operations grooms these artistes unconsciously… but he might not necessarily have the time and means to release all these acts in his stable. So we noticed that it will be a smart move as new executives in the music business to rather tap into hammer’s line up than just go out there looking for artistes. Mind you, he instills discipline and confidence in them… Yes these are groomed artistes too so it’s almost like he prepares these acts ready to be signed by business men like us who would not necessarily have time to shape the artiste from scratch. We believe it’s a smart move”.

According to Hammer who is widely known for grooming some of the best acts in Ghana today, he’s not quite happy parting with Gariba but he’s glad he’ll be in capable hands because the team is quite organised and financially prepared.

“Actually I gave them a hard time but they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” Hammer said with a laughter, continuing that “Good thing is the deal keeps me present in Gariba’s career in the form of a consultant assigned to his Creative Team so I’m quite glad”.

The CEO of Timeless Records Inc, who only gave his name out as Ahmed also discloses the reason why they had to sign Gariba Yaron Zaamani. He said Gariba is an embodiment of the Zongo community and its life style. No artiste in Ghana can represent Zongo like Gariba. Apart from that, Gariba uses language that has a wider coverage than Twi, Ga or any Ghanaian Language which is Hausa.

Gariba’s assigned personal manager, Adnan, also a member of Timeless Records Inc added that, Gariba is the new ghetto king. He is known by everybody in all the ghettos in Accra. He is therefore confident that, his songs will be welcomed by many of the ghettos in Accra. He also added that, the Album of Gariba Yaro Zaamani titled “NOW OR NEVER” has already began and will feature some of the best producers in the country including his former boss hammer.

Timeless Records Inc is a music production house based in Nima Futa Square, Accra. They have an ultra-modern recording studio where young artistes are given opportunities to shine.


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