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Wa: Islamic Girls’ SHS students clash with police over arrest of some teachers & mates


Some students of Wa Jamiat Islamic Girls’ Senior High School, on Monday, stormed the Wa police station to protest the arrest of some teachers in their school.

The teachers were arrested for allegedly assaulting a young man who was accused of attempted rape.

The man had, allegedly, tried to rape one of the girls but bolted when the victim, a student of the school, raised an alarm.

Speaking to JoyNews Upper West correspondent, Rafiq Salam, one of the teachers said the suspect was identified the following day and later arrested.

However, while in the grips of the police, he stated that some teachers had assaulted him.  After their teachers were picked up, the students stormed the police station demanding their release.

“We want justice,” the students were captured in a video shouting while picketing outside the station.

The teacher told Rafiq Salam that the school was hoping the security agency will launch an investigation into the alleged sexual assault case brought before them.

But to their dismay, the police are investigating the assault case the accused brought before them, a development which they believe is not supposed to be the priority.

“We were thinking the police would have investigated the matter, taking into account the interest of the students because these are young innocent students that have been brought to school to come and learn. So, if a matter has been reported on somebody harassing them sexually, It should have been a matter of interest to the police.”

“The police invited the staff to the station and we were made to parade as if we were criminals for that alleged rapist to identify among us, who were at the scene when he was arrested.”

He revealed that four of the students were later arrested while standing in solidarity with their tutors.

He also alleged that some other students were assaulted by the police in their attempt to get the students to stop picketing.

“This is unfortunate. These are some of the conduct that we talk about. The police should be professional. (School) Masters were here, we came here at your instance, why didn’t you tell masters to instruct the students to leave. You are harassing both masters and students. The police authorities should call their men to order, this is not responsible policing.”

They were, however, later released alongside the teachers who were called to the station.



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