The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), on this special day for farmers, extends our felicitation to the gallant farmers who work hard to feed this nation. The contribution of farmers to national development is beyond measure. We say, Ayekoo!!1

As we celebrate our farmers today, the PPP urges government to demonstrate that, they know and understand the problems facing farmers some of which include: pension for farmers, insurance for farmers, access and cost of credit for farmers, access to agricultural lands, cost and availability of farm inputs, access to markets, poor road networks to farm gates, issues of pricing, etc,

To that end, we ask government to use its purchasing power to create market for the Ghanaian farmer and fisherman, by ensuring that, all government functions will serve only Ghanaian grown foods. This is the best way to pay tribute to the Ghanaian farmer.

We call on government to use this day to address these problems listed above to make farming more attractive because, agriculture is the main stay of the economy of the country which needs to be promoted with all seriousness and commitment it deserves.

Happy Farmer’s Day, Ayekoo!!!!!

E. Felix Mantey

(Communication Director)



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