Gida News Personality profile of Sheikh Umar Ibrahim Imam “Imam of Ahlussuna Wal Jamaa-Ghana”

Personality profile of Sheikh Umar Ibrahim Imam “Imam of Ahlussuna Wal Jamaa-Ghana”


Born in 1932 at Kwahu Ankoma in the Eastern Region. He started his education under Sheikh Al-Hajj Bunyani from Nigeria who took Sheikh from his father to train him. He relocated to Koforidua to study under Sheikh Bunyani. They then moved to Accra after the end of World War II. He remained in Accra until the death of his teacher in 1957.
Sheikh was so determined to further his education in Saudi Arabia. Around this period there wasn’t any arrangement for students who wants to study in Saudi Arabia to fly directly to the Kingdom, so Sheikh moved to Nigeria and then to Sudan then he subsequently landed in Saudi Arabia in 1959.
At this period there wasn’t any University in Saudi Arabia so Sheikh enrolled himself in an institution called DarulHadith. During his time at DarulHadith the Islamic University of Madina was established so he joined from the Secondary level and he graduated from the University in 1968.

He returned to Ghana to propagate the Sunnah of the Prophet to his people. There were few people who were familiar with the true teachings of the Prophet. He met Afa Jura who has been in the Dawah since the early 40s and he helped him to continue with the Dawah.
Sheikh started teaching and not too long he produced one of the largest student base in the Country. He then started soliciting for scholarships for his students and by the early 1980s most of his students were enrolled in the Islamic University of Madina. Some of his students also made it to to Kuwait, Qatar and later the Al-Azhar University in Egypt and some also traveled to Sudan.
Sheikh oversaw the establishment of some number of institutions including the Islamic Research Institute in Nima Accra.
The biggest challenge Sheikh faced was that people accused him of bringing a new religion when in actual fact his was the true Islam. He was vilified and beaten during his Dawah and he recollects being beaten in Accra for calling people to the true Islam.
In the beginning Sheikh centered his Dawah on Tawheed and expressed concern about the old leadership that he described as more akin to mysticism. He called on Muslims to reject innovations in the religion (Bid’ah) and embrace the Sunnah of the Prophet.
Lately Sheikh is championing the campaign of seeking for riches through WAQF to help the poor and needy in society. He recently established the You too Can build campaign to help property owners to rebuild their houses to meet the demands of the new age and get more benefits from it.
It’s our prayer Allah protect and Guide Sheikh with wisdom in leading the Ummah and raise him to higher stations.

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Don Allah shigar da sharhinku!
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