Speaking at the first Annual Maulid held at Adjei Kojo in the Tema West Municipality, Sheikh Iddris expressed concern over poor concentration on the health needs of Zongo communities.

He said, “An Islamic Hospital will observe the Islamic rules and regulations concerning health, and will serve the health demands of the citizenry living in the Muslim dominated enclave”.

He noted that the fact that “our women complain they are not treated well at some secular hospitals and are not comfortable when non-Muslim Male Gynaecologist takes care of their reproductive needs and even attend to them at the theatre room during delivery.

“If we are able to create our own hospitals we can reduce unemployment in our communities by employing our own Muslims Nurses and Doctors to take care of us which does not only contribute to the development of the Muslim communities but also contribute to national development”.

Sheikh Iddris applauded the chairman of Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services (ICODHES) Alhaji Ibrahim Mustapha for his humanitarian activities such as building Islamic Clinic and schools to empower the Muslim Community in Ghana and Africa at large.

He encouraged other investors not to concentrate on building mosque only but to also build hospitals to cater for the health needs of Muslims.

Sheikh Iddris said, “no one can develop our Muslim community but ourselves” and therefore encouraged Muslims to focus on important projects that will contribute positively to the progress of Islamic communities.

Alhaji Bashiru Mohammed, an accountant at the Finance Ministry in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tema commended Sheikh Iddris for the suggestion for the building of Islamic Hospitals.

“If we are united we would not only be able to achieve such goals but also can go further to create more infrastructures such as schools and other social amenities in our Islamic community,” he stated.

Alhaji Mohammed urged the youth in the Muslim Communities to engage in economic and productive activities, while encouraging them to pursue higher education, he also challenged them to undertake skill empowerment development ventures.


Don Allah shigar da sharhinku!
Don Allah shigar da sunanka a nan