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Ghana Omicron variant: Ghana dey start contact tracing after recording new Covid-19 Omicron variant

Ghana start dey explore contact tracing after dem record first cases of Covid-19 Omicron variant.

Ghanaian detect de Omicron variant along de entry borders from people who dey travel from Nigeria den South Africa.

Director General for Ghana Health Service, Dr Kumah Aboagye talk media say “through de robust testing for Kotoka International Airport, Ghana detect de Omicron variant already which dey come from Nigeria den South Africa.”

Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu for statement say de West African kontri need to implement strong measures as Covid-19 cases for Ghana don reach high levels.

De minister say now e dey mandatory for all civil servants, including health workers, security personnel, and teachers, to collect vaccine against Covid-19.

No community spread yet

Health Officials for de country say dem no discover any community spread yet, but dem initiate mandatory protocols which go ensure dis virus no go spread.

Dem say dem dey monitor de potential spread in local population, meanwhile dem encourage de public to continue plus de Covid-19 prevention protocols.

Scientists discover first case of de Omicron variant from South Africa.

Since then World Health Organisation (WHO) say de new variant spread go 23 countries as of Wednesday, November 30.

Ghana Medical Association call for high alert

Ghana Medical Association say Govment of Ghana for dey on high alert to ensure say de possible spread of Omicron variant go be minimized.

Dem explain say despite say we do well identify cases for Kotoka International Airport, de danger be say someone get Omicron wey e dey incubate am within de community.

Sake of that dem for dey on high alert so say de country go fit detect and prevent spread.

Ghana record over 130,000 Covid-19 cases since de first case around March last year.

Out of dis figure, de virus kill over 1,200 people out of which some 129,000 recover.



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